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Law School Return
Investment Index

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We’re Seeing Law School Applications Begin to Rebound!

Concern over rising tuition, student debt, and the diminishing prospects of employment upon graduation caused application volume to plummet to nearly half the number of 2004 applicants a few short years ago. However, LSAT registrations increased 18.1% for the 2017-2018 cycle that ended with the February exam, and applications were up nearly 10% for the recently concluded Fall 2018 admission cycle. As of December 2018, season-to-date applicants are up over 10% over last season’s numbers.

The fact of the matter is that the country’s downward economy has affected the law profession just like any other means of work. Despite such doom and gloom statistics the current culture of the nation’s law schools is not without strains of opportunity. Law schools are responding to the new environment by accepting students they would not have admitted before, with some schools offering across-the-board tuition discounts to keep up their enrollments.

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Business as usual continued unabated at the very top law schools

At the top law schools, however, it’s still very much “business as usual.” The placement numbers still look great in terms of average starting salary and % of graduates hired and these elite schools can still command top dollar for tuition given the return on investment they continue to deliver.

Helping you weigh the risk and investment, JD Admission is an unmatched resource in navigating this difficult transitional period for determined law students.

Getting Started

First things first: take a minute to check out JD Admission’s top 10 admissions tips, as even the smallest amount of help and advice is important when it comes to applying to law school.

Sometimes your biggest decision is figuring out whether a career in law is what you actually want. Many don’t realize until they’re in the thick of things that it’s simply not for them.

Even if you are absolutely sure that law is what you want to pursue, you still need to take the time to articulate why this is the case. An admissions officer must be made to believe in the reason for your education, otherwise you may find yourself with a letter of rejection.

The Selection Process

While we believe there is a program for virtually every applicant it’s important to take the time to research different programs and what they have to offer. One of the biggest mistakes an applicant can make is to apply to a law school based solely on their national ranking. Just because a college or university comes with a level of prestige, doesn’t that it’s the best fit for you.

Consider this quote from an admissions officer at Northwestern University Law School :

“In my position I very often refuse great applicants because I know that our school is just not the right place for them and that both of us would be happier if they went to one of their other choices. This does not mean that they are bad students; it just means that we think they would be better served elsewhere.”