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Are there any specific characteristics that you target in the Carolina Law School applications to help you identify the ‘best fit’ candidates?

No. We purposely don’t target particular characteristics. The intent of our admissions process is to put together a class that is diverse across all lines. We are looking for applicants of varying backgrounds, ages, and experiences.

Out-of-state residents account for only one quarter of your incoming class. Is admissions more competitive for out-of-state residents? Do you have any advice for out-of-state applicants considering Carolina Law?

We are mandated to have 75% of our entering class as North Carolina residents. Last year of our roughly 4,000 applications, 3,000 were from non residents. Admission is more competitive for them because they are applying for a smaller number of seats. However, in terms of the median GPA and LSAT, the numbers for residents and non residents were virtually the same. The advice for non residents is to apply as early as possible. I highly recommend non residents taking the June or October LSAT.

What should Carolina Law School applicants with professional work experience most heavily emphasize in their work history?

You should emphasize what your responsibilities were, any goals you’ve achieved, and the relevant skills that you gained at those places of employment.

How important is an applicant’s LSAT score? What advice do you have for applicants who struggled with this exam?

The LSAT and the GPA are important in our admissions process. We engage in full file review at UNC but the numbers are important. The best advice for applicants regarding the LSAT is to study for as long as it takes YOU to get prepared for the exam – not the amount of time it takes others to get prepared. I would recommend a minimum of twelve weeks prep time.

What is the Carolina Law School policy regarding LSAT scores from applicants who have taken the test multiple times?

We consider the highest of two scores for admissions purposes.

What was the LSAT score range for admitted applicants this past year?


How important is the personal statement in the application review process?

The personal statement is very important. Applicants should take care to read the directions that apply to our personal statement question and follow those directions.

Are there any common mistakes that applicants tend to make with their personal statements?

They submit the same personal statement to UNC that they are submitting to every other school they are applying to.

Does the Carolina Law School staff offer evaluative interviews?

We do not offer interviews.

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