university of michigan law schoolHow are re-applicants viewed by University of Michigan Law School and what do they need to do to be successful the second time around?

Re-applicants are considered anew within the current year’s pool of applicants.  They should update their materials appropriately and provide materials and insight into any changes in their circumstances since their last application.

Does your staff re-examine their previous application(s)?

If the re-applicant has applied in the past two years, the previous application(s) is (are) included in the current year’s file.

How many transfer students do you hope to enroll this year?  What factors do you consider when evaluating a transfer application?

Far and away the most important criterion in a transfer application is performance in the first year of law school (taking into account the strength of the law school).  We anticipate enrolling about 25 transfer students next year.

Describe how the financial aid process works and what admitted students can expect in terms of scholarships, assistantships, and loan repayment assistance.

The University of Michigan Law School seeks to assist all those students who, relying on their own savings and parental contributions, are unable to meet the costs of their legal education.  A student must submit (preferably online) the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list the University of Michigan Law School as one of the schools eligible to receive the financial information.  The FAFSA, in combination with other information detailed in our application, allows the Law School’s Financial Aid Office to determine the financial aid package.  The financial award will consist of some combination of law school grants, Law School loans, Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized federal loans, and Work Study.  All applicants are also automatically considered for the Law School’s merit scholarship programs; in addition to other, smaller scholarships, about fifteen to twenty students a year are Darrow Scholars, receiving full tuition and a stipend.

How helpful do Michigan Law School applicants generally find a campus visit?

Campus visits are a critical element in making the decision about which law school to apply to and, ultimately to attend.  The vitality of the Michigan Law School classroom and legal education, the collegiality and community of the law school, and the overwhelming grandeur and beauty of the Law Quadrangle architecture are most clearly conveyed through experiencing them in person.

Do you have any special instructions or advice for applicants who wish to visit your campus in Ann Arbor?

Applicants who wish to visit the campus should contact the University of Michigan Law School office at 734.764.0537 or  Our website also offers a variety of information.  Also, admitted students are invited to one of two Preview Weekends in late March and early April, and we encourage people to attend those whenever possible.

Can you briefly describe the housing situation for your students?

Law School students can find housing to fit their needs.  About 260 incoming and returning students live in the Lawyers Club, the onsite housing options for the Law School community.  Others make use of University housing, including the nation’s third largest family housing program.  Ann Arbor and neighboring Ypsilanti, Chelsea, Saline, and Whitmore Lake offer a wide range of private housing situations.  Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti also allow students without their own transportation to live further away from campus and take the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) busses free of charge.

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