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What type of career support does University of Michigan Law School provide out-of-state students who choose to seek employment back in their home states after graduating from Michigan?

One of University of Michigan Law School’s great strengths is the freedom its graduates have to find employment in the full range of legal fields, with more geographic flexibility than any other school.  Our graduates spread out all over the country when they leave us, with fewer than 20% choosing to go to any individual market.  (The markets to which our graduates most frequently have gone in the last ten years or so have consistently been New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles/San Francisco, Detroit, and Boston.) In other words – our graduates can certainly seek employment “back in their home states,” but they can easily move on to a brand-new region of the country, too.

In recognition of our students’ desire for geographic flexibility, the four attorneys who serve as career counselors are very familiar, through alumni and current students and their own extensive legal careers, with the special characteristics of a wide variety of locations, and the Office of Career Services annually brings in legal recruitment specialists from every major market to give group presentations and have individual meetings with our students.  In 2003 (the most recent year for which definitive data is available), more than 700 employers came on campus from all over the nation (and internationally as well) to perform almost 8,000 interviews of 2Ls and 3Ls.  About 120 of those employers came from California; about 90 from New York; about 75 from DC; and about 55 from Illinois (almost exclusively from Chicago).  Our historic pattern of employment means that our students will find a thriving alumni network in every major market, and is the reason so many employers from Ann Arbor to recruit our students.

(It also makes for a less stressful atmosphere during on-campus interviewing, since relatively few students are looking at one particular firm, compared with other schools, where 50% or more of the graduates congregate in a single market.)  Likewise, typically 20% of our graduates obtain prestigious judicial clerkships for the year following graduation; the vast majority of those clerkships are in the federal courts, and typically, every federal circuit has at least one Michigan clerk.

What distinguishes University of Michigan Law School and its students?

The University of Michigan Law School combines the accessibility and openness of the public school tradition with the excellence and aspirations commonly associated with elite private institutions.  This combination forges a community devoted to academic excellence, leadership, and service.  The lifelong devotion of its alumni – both emotionally and financially – creates a dynamic learning and professional community.

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