Do you have any special instructions or advice for applicants who wish to visit the Valpo campus?

Our visits encourage students to dig deeply, well beyond the admissions office.  Our “Be a law student for a day” program allows visitors to pair up with a current law student and shadow that law student for one entire day.  In doing so, our visitors get a first hand real-life experience of what it is like to be a Valpo Law student.  This program runs on most Fridays during the academic year.  Of course, we also have a series of larger group visit days, too.  You can check out our visit programming at  To arrange for your visit, just call our Admissions Office at 1-888-ValpoLaw.

Can you briefly describe the housing situation for your students?

Valparaiso is a small, exurban town.  All of our students live in housing facilities in the area.  By doing so, they become not just a member of the campus community, but a member of the greater Valparaiso community as well.  A complete housing guide is prepared annually and made available to every deposit-paying student.

Over 60% of your students come from outside the state of Indiana. What type of support does the Career Planning Center provide these students should they decide to seek employment back in their home states after graduating from Valpo?

Valpo law graduates seek and obtain employment in a wide variety of locales.  Our location affords access to both large city and small town opportunities, and everything in between.  Our Career Planning Office has four professionals who work in close concert with each student to build a successful career path.  For a school our size, we have extraordinary resources invested in the Career Planning Center.  Students have no difficulty gaining access to the Office (which is located on the first floor, right at the entry to the main student hallway), its career counselors, and all other resources maintained by the Office.

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